The Project of Federalizing and Legalizing the Toyota L79 Doublecab TurboDiesel Continues, with its’ Original Founder and Original Goals


My name is Michael J. Papp. And that is important.

I wasn’t the original person or Company that contemplated importing and federalizing the Toyota LandCruiser L70 series pickup in the USA; it has been discussed by the armchair quarterbacks for decades. But I was the first to act on it. Impossible, I was told. I was the first to bring one in for testing purposes to the United States. I was not believed.

I (Michael James Papp) have a past that is far from stellar. Although I was the first to bring in Wuzheng Chinese trucks to the USA, the first to bring in Kama Chinese trucks into the USA, my past has blemishes. When I heard that importing an L79 was impossible, I did it. I announced it to the Land Cruiser community, and all hell broke loose. What I expected was support, in any way that term could be used. Excitement perhaps. Hope. But support came from no corner, in any form. What did come was pure hate, and snowballing accusations of negative things that I have done in my past. No one was paying attention to what it was all about – The LandCruiser. If 1% of the energy spent in bringing up my past was spent on helping with the L79, the project would be done already

My Brother, who is a LandCruiser Fanatic, decided to take the reigns to get me out of the picture, to put the focus back on the vehicle, and instead my name dragged him down into the sewer. I owe one apology over the past decade, and that is to John Papp, the most honest upstanding Christian Family man there ever was, with not a speeding ticket to his name, squeaky clean to a fault. I apologize, John, for having my association with you in this business ruin your reputation, our relationship, our family.

I apologize to no one else. I am proud of who/what I am. I have failed in 5X more ventures than anyone else because I have attempted 20X more ventures than anyone else, and I am continuing this project until it is done. Michael J Papp


Please feel free to contact me directly with any questions, status inquires, or hate mail